My San Jac Story - Erica Villalta

My San Jac Story - Erica Villalta

My name is Erica Villalta and I am a current student at San Jacinto College! Prior to attending San Jacinto College, I was in the middle of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  I was accepted to many four-year universities, but I didn’t feel prepared to attend right away.

In high school, I had a teacher who praised his students going to universities. He posted their acceptance letters on his walls and even rewarded them a treat for every letter that was brought in. It was rather discouraging having him tell me why my decision to attend San Jac wasn’t any good.  I also had another teacher who would tease any student who would wear anything related to a community college. When he would do that, other students would join and mock the individual.  I know they both wanted the best for all of us, but they made it more complicated to find the right path to take after high school.  I’ve never understood why a community college wasn’t a good choice to attend after high school. I’ve wanted to go away to a big name university of course, but I just couldn’t afford it nor felt like I was fully prepared to attend one, especially since I was unsure of my major. Regardless of these circumstances, I was going to continue to enhance my education the best way I could.

I always tell myself that life happens, and my decisions need to be based on what will get me to my goal no matter what circumstances I might face along the way.  This coming fall will be my last semester at San Jac, and I honestly do not regret my decision to come here first to complete my basics. My fear, at first, was to become a burden to my parents with the overwhelming costs to attend a university. By attending San Jac, I’ve had the privilege of being a full-time student and a part-time worker to help save money for when I attend a university. I’ve made the Dean’s list three times so far here and have had the privilege of becoming a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member. Although I will be a semester behind with my graduating high school class to complete my degree, I will continue enhancing my education because it’s truly something that I desire to do. I worked so hard throughout high school not to purse a higher education.  

Along my journey here, I’ve figured out a major and owe thanks to those professors whom took the time to point out my strengths when I wasn’t paying attention. I’m majoring in Business Administration in Information Systems and plan to declare a minor once I’m admitted to a university.  

I hope I can capture the attention of everyone reading these posts but especially new students! I was honestly embarrassed to attend San Jac at first, but over time I realize there was absolutely nothing wrong with coming here. Deciding on a major right away during high school didn’t feel right to me until I tested out new things and found my belonging during my journey here.  I have seen familiar faces here.  Several were students whom I graduated with, and older faces which felt rather intimidating. However, I realize as time went on, everyone here is here for the same reason; to do good in what they love to do for a brighter future.